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Made For Each Other tv

A joint effort by United Pole Artists and Mighty Grip to bring a quality uninterrupted stream to your device. Using commentators we bring the event right into your house. Discussions on moves, events, pole news and live interviews with your favorites and upcoming stars. No more searching for what you want. It is right there on MFEO.tv

Fusion Protien Mixes for Pole

While still maintaining a high level of protein per serving, our high protein / diet shake also contains a mix of ingredients that are associated with assisting weight loss and boosting metabolism.
FlaxseedCLA and Green Tea Extract… are added to the diet formula to provide powerful metabolism-boosting assistance in order to help with weight loss and maintenance.

Trixie Toe Pads with Tack

Sole savers, foot panties, toe pads, what ever you call them, the protect your feet. With the help of Trixie Lovett, we’ve improved on our popular toe pad with tack strips. Now, floor to pole transitions are not a concern. Pirouettes, turns and climbs made with confidence. Available in Tan, Dark Tan, and black


Knee Protectors with Tack and Open Back

     These are not your mother’s knee pads.
     They are designed not only to protect your knees but also feature an open back with tack strips to allow for a better grip when working on your knee holds which we all know can be a painful hold when first learning!
     Smooth transition from floor to pole permits you to …

Trixie Toes Pads for Dance

Foot Protection For Dancers
Sole Savers are perfect for almost all dancers; Lyrical dance, contact improv, and acrobatic dancing.



Mighty Grip Powder

Mighty Grip Powder for Pole Dancing
Pole dancing requires great strength and grip, which is where Mighty Grip shines. Mighty Grip produces a non-slip grip that will reduce slippage and increase the required grip strength. That is why many world Champion Pole Dancers choose Mighty Grip.

Mighty Grip Powder will improve your grip, reducing fatigue…

Gift Certificates

Buy Mighty Grip Pole Dancing Gift Certificates
For that Special Someone!
Gift Certificates are available in the following denominations.
$25, $50, $75, $100, $250, $500
They may be redeemed in our online pole dancing store…

Pole Dancing DVD’s

Pole Dancing DVD’s Instructional and Workout movies on how to pole dance



Pole Dancing Crash Mats

Crash mats designed for pole dancing

Both round and square mats in black and pink.

From: $150