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Bad Kitty

Here you will find all of the different styles of pole dancing clothes and stripper clothes that Bad Kitty has to offer. We have separated these styles into different categories to make your search easier.…

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The Pole Studio

Offers Pole Studio Instructor Training Level 1 & 2
Through successful completion of this course you will gain an internationally recognised qualification in pole dance fitness instruction for beginner level. The skills and teaching methods you develop during the instructor training programme are transferable skills that can be applied to all levels of pole dance fitness teaching. Intermediate and advanced…

Sweaty Hands? One Solution

The following regimen has been recommended by a Pole Dance instructor for those with the problem of Hyperhidrosis. It has lessened the problem for her, perhaps it can work for you.…
One of the problems with people with hyperhydrosis is that they lack vitamin B. We don’t produce much and the body takes from, vitamin B first. This causes the

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Mighty Grip

Trixie Toe Pads Improved with Tack Strips

Mighty Grip have improved upon their already popular “Trixie Toes” by adding tack strips.
Now you can get foot protection and grip all in this one product.
Sole savers, foot panties, toe pads, what ever you call them, they protect your feet. With the help of Trixie Lovett, we’ve improved on our popular toe pad with tack strips. Now, floor…

Pole Dancing Grip

Mighty Grip
Powder is the Choice of

Pantera & Sally Ann Giles
World Pole Dancing Champions

Pole Dancing Video – How to Apply Mighty Grip Powder

How to Apply Mighty Grip Powder for Pole Dancing
Mighty Grip Powder provides improved grip on the dance pole. Please watch this video to see how it should be applied..

Would you like to improve your pole dance routine? Try Mighty Grip